areas of expertise
  • Management Information System
  • Project / program management
  • Community organization and management
  • Computer software project
  • Managing and conducting capacity building events
  • MBA, in business administration in Donya University Kabul
  • BSC, in Kabul University
  • BBA ,in Maiwand University
  • Database Specialization from Ministry of information and communication Technology as scholarship
  • ICT information communication and technology Advance Diploma from Finland Jyvaskyla University.

Result-oriented M&E/MIS executive. More than 10 years’ work experience with national and international organizations in emergency and multicultural environments. Proven abilities in program planning, implementation, designing monitoring evaluation systems, surveys, research and report writing. A team leader / player having strong analytical skills and ability to identify strengths and weaknesses. Sound knowledge of computer programming, data management systems, GIS, database designing, web site designing, SharePoint online development, Power BI dashboard development, presentations, using multiple software packages and computer languages.

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Summary of Competencies

  • Management Information System – Knowledge management system
  • SharePoint development
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning system
  • Project / program management
  • Community organization and management
  • Managing baselines, end lines, surveys and evaluations and reporting
  • Data analysis for program management and improvement
  • Computer software project management
  • Database planning, designing and implementation
  • Managing and conducting capacity building events
  • Child participation and beneficiaries’ accountability
  • Working aria Education, Emergency, Health, Nutrition, Community development, Refugees and IDPs, Women empowerment, Governance, low and livelihood

UNOCHA                                                                                                                                                   Oct-2017 to Present Date

Information Management Senior Assistant

  • Online Database Development
  • SharePoint online Administration
  • online Power BI Dashboard Development
  • Data entry supervision and data analyses
  • Data collection tools development
  • Staff capacity building on data management
  • Kobo mobile data collection form development
  • Report and data dissemination
  • UNHCR Afghanistan country website and other online system maintenance
  • Systems Hosting server maintenance
  • Regular visit to fields
  • Produce Maps using GIS

IDLG (Government of Afghanistan)

M&E/Management information system Senior Specialist                                                                                   2016-Jan to Sep-2017

  • IDLG Website maintenance
  • Proved continues support for M&E department
  • Developed MIS system for Citizen Charter Project
  • Established Filing system
  • Involvement in Project design
  • Develop M&E plan
  • Worked on World bank project design
  • Data analyses (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Conduct baseline and end line survey
  • Established Mobile data collection in ODK
  • Coordination with different ministries
  • Field visits to provinces for project monitoring
  • Controlling and managing M&E and MIS staff
  • Planning and Reporting
  • Produce Maps using GIS

Asia foundation international

M&E/Management information system Specialist                                                                                             2014-Agu-201 Dec

  • Developed online and offline databases
  • Proved continues support for M&E department
  • Developed M&E database on indicator base system in SharePoint
  • Established Filing system
  • Involvement in Project design
  • Develop M&E plan
  • Worked on USAID projects
  • Data analyses (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Conduct baseline and end line survey
  • SharePoint Administration

Save the Children international                                                                                                               Kabul, Afghanistan

Senior Monitoring Evaluation accountability and learning/ MIS Officer                                                 June 2012-2014-Jul

  • Developed online and offline databases.
  • Support program staff in data collection tools development.
  • Develops M&E tools
  • Conduct field Monitoring visits to assess the progress of the activities and ensure accountability in the projects implemented.
  • Analyze the qualitative and quantitative data and produce reports.
  • Provide capacity building trainings to the M&E and program staff.
  • Prepare hard copy filing system.
  • Establish mobile data collection method.
  • Ensured the accountability to beneficiaries through establishing Feed/complaint response Mechanism (CRM)
  • Involvement in project design
  • Office 365 SharePoint online administration

CRS                                                                                                                                                                             Kabul, Afghanistan

Monitoring Evaluation Database Administrator.                                                                                         February 2011- May 2012

  • Developed CRS M&E database.
  • Provided training to M&E staff in database and data analyzation.
  • Provide technical support for conducting baseline & end line survey, midterm and end of project
  • Support M&E department in M&E activities.
  • Controlling the database and maintenance.
  • Produce Maps using GIS

Asia Telecom company                                                                                                                            Kabul Afghanistan

Regional Manager                                                                                                                         Jan 2010- Jan 2011

  • Responsible for 10 provinces of Afghanistan.
  • Registration forms collection from retailers.
  • Enter the mentioned forms in database.
  • Monthly and quarterly report to Etisalat Telecom Company.
  • Marketing for new agents.
  • Control the provincial staff.

contact details

+1 628 123 4000
131 Bain Street
New York, Pennsylvania 01234, United States

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