Monitoring & Evaluation

Entire Thinkers assist organizations in creating Monitoring and Evaluation programs that are essential when determining the efficiency of projects while using accumulated knowledge for overall improvement.

Structurize M&E programs with Viewworld

Goals and Objectives

The first step in creating an M&E program is to identify it’s goals and objectives. This ensures a platform to build on.

Key Indicators

Determining both process indicators to enable actions and outcome indicators to define project success criteria, is vital.

Mobile Data Collection

Implementing Mobile Data Collection will greatly optimize data collection processes and reduce cost both short-term and long-term.

Real-Time Data Visualization

Automating data visualization for ongoing project insight as opposed to waiting for project conclusion, will allow for better project understanding.

Donor Reporting

Adhering to donor expectations and demands are crucial for project longevity. With Entire Thinkers donor reporting is automatic and live.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is key to improvement. ACDG assist organizations in carrying out external and objective program evaluations.

why choose us

Extensive Experience

Entire Thinkers has since the company’s beginning in 2010 helped numerous organizations create and carry out a large number of M&E programs.

All-In-One M&E Programs

Entire Thinkers cover all steps of the M&E process including logframe creation, data collection, data analysis, data visualization and program evaluation.

Human Resources

Entire Thinkers consists of a large team of professionals, all with a wide range of diverse abilities. Specific projects requires specific skill sets.

Data Collection & Quality Control

When choosing Entire Thinkers as your M&E partner, you get access to our state-of-the-art Mobile Data Collection platform and app, which will greatly optimize any data collection process.

Entire Thinkers’ s Data Collection platform has a variety of powerful features:

  • Build Forms – design surveys to include key M&E indicators.
  • Collect Data – utilize mobile data collection to capture GPS, files and more.
  • Verify Data Quality – ensure data quality by enabling data verification.

M&E Framework Development

Developing a Logical Framework for an M&E program is crucial to ensure that deliberate action is taken throughout a project´’s lifespan and that optimal overview is secured.


Determination of project requirements is vital at the beginning of any M&E program.


How will program goals be met and at what frequency will monitoring activities be carried out?


What will the program achieve short-term, mid-term and long-term? What is the project’s success criteria?


Program evaluations based on large and specific data sets are key to optimal learning.