Implementation, support, training, maintenance

Our service delivery is incorporated into our entire product life cycle. Best practices are built into all of our service offerings. We know that one size does not fit all but we understand that leveraging skilled resources, proven methodologies and industry best practices enables Entire Thinkers to help you reap the benefits from our solutions in a timely manner; reducing risk , achieving a faster, predictable implementation with the expected business results.


Our comprehensive implementation service ensures the effective implementation of all our solutions in line with client requirements and expectations; allowing you to reap the benefits of your chosen solution on schedule and effectively. Using a proven project methodology, supported by an experienced team and extensive implementation experience, our implementation team will work with you initially to plan the implementation including a detailed project plan, required resources, project dependency and risk mitigation plans. Once the planning phase is complete, Entire Thinkers’ s implementation consultants will work closely with your team to achieve a successful implementation. Our implementation consultants combine both software and industry expertise to maximize the return on investment for your Linedata solution.

Each implementation includes:

  • Planning and Project management
  • Business analysis and design
  • Software implementation and environment set up
  • Configuration, development and system testing
  • Standard and custom integrations
  • Deployment and post production support

Entire Thinkers Professional Services is built on a best-practices philosophy and is comprised of experts who understand your world, your challenges and your focus on growth, time to market and market differentiation.

Our Professional Services team is focused on adding value by helping you to leverage the Entire Thinkers solution to improve your business. Our team can help address your specific areas of concern within your business and help identify improvement opportunities while providing guidanceto help you to fully recognize the benefits of your Linedata solution. By showing you how the Linedata business solution can make your business more productive, adaptable and transparent we help you to stay ahead of your competitors

These comprehensive services include:

  • Project management
  • Solution implementation
  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Integration Services
  • Solution Optimization
  • Business unit and solution expansion
  • Post production support options


Your relationship with us is an ongoing one and we believe that our outstanding client services are an indistinguishable part of the entire experience. Over the years, the support services provided by Entire Thinkers have increased in both breadth and depth. We do not just help you to meet your operational and technology objectives but to gain a competitive advantage and achieve high performance.

Our client support team has a wide range of expertise including subject matter experts in specific industry fields to highly-experienced technical engineers. Whether a new user just starting out with one of our solutions or an experienced long-term client, our support team is here to help with your specific queries and requirements. Global support is provided through local, regional experts.


Entire Thinkers Training Services provides you with the expertise required to maximize the benefits of Linedata’s broad range of comprehensive solutions. As a new client, training increases your efficiency in reducing the amount of time and effort spent in the adoption of your new technology and prepares you to be self-sufficient in administering your Linedata solution. When you’re taking an upgrade with new features or functionality, additional training can help improve your understanding of how the new features or functionality will affect your end users, workloads and possibly your business. We want you to fully optimize your utilization of our technologies.

Entire Thinkers Training Services can deliver training programs virtually, as seminars, or one-on-one; regardless of your business needs, timeframe and budget we offer a program that ultimately reduces solution risk, reduces support calls and optimizes the workflows, efficiencies and opportunities within your organization.

Our training is offered on a regional basis in North America, Europe and Asia. This provides the reassurance of having regional experts that understand your local and cultural as well as global needs.

Entire Thinkers offers both Admin training, to train your software administrators and End User training, to assist you in training your end users on your specific Entire Thinkers solution.


The implementation of your solution is only part of the services lifecycle. Our products continue to evolve to meet your needs as dictated by the market and it is our maintenance service team that will ensure your continued access to all the fantastic benefits you achieve through utilizing our solutions.