Mobile Data Collection


Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection is an emerging resource for humanitarian organizations looking to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of running surveys, Monitoring and Evaluation and project controlling. It can be a valuable approach for new projects or replacing existing paper forms. However, users will only find value in a mobile data collection system if an appropriate tool is matched to the team and project.

Developer support and user activity are important indicators of a MDCS’s usability. Out of date tools with inactive user communities pose a risk to a project in case support is required.

The simple interface allows non-technical users to obtain a short list of suitable tools from answering a few questions in plain English,Dari and Pashto.

The Core MDCS evaluators can then use the more detailed information in the tool matrix as a starting point for follow-up analysis on the tools Preselected.

MDC (Mobile Data Collection) ODK support Method for Monitoring, Evaluation and GIS (Geographical Information System) survey we use to collect accurate data from the field.

  • Beta use a data collection system for both Baseline survey and Final evaluation which is used by the famous Humanitarian NGO (e.g. UN and USAID…. ) in Afghanistan and other Asian and countries, ODK (Open Data Kit) MDC (Mobile Data collection) application is supported by Open source community for all project data collection special for M&E purposes.
  1. Ona and ODK is an evolutionary leap from paper surveys. It’s faster. Writing a survey takes about the same time as a traditional paper survey. Surveying and transcription are exponentially faster because they are combined into one step. Data can be analyzed as it is being collected.
  2. It’s more accurate. Ona ODK surveys incorporate skip logic that guides the data gatherer through the form and constraint checks to ensure data is entered properly. The need transcription is removed, greatly reducing the cost and improving the speed and accuracy of data collection.
  3. It’s more informative. Collecting data on a mobile device lets you collect data in situ at the source, complete with accurate timestamps, GPS coordinates and photos, voice recording and geo tracking. Ona data analysis tools give you access to powerful analysis methods that you don’t need a degree statistics or a background in programming to understand.

Data collection through mobile using Kobo technology


  • Design forms quickly and easily using our intuitive form builder
  • Reuse existing questions and blocks of questions and manage them in the question library
  • Build complex forms with skip logic and validation
  • More than 20 different question types available including location, image, video, rating, matrix, etc.
  • Easily share projects with colleagues and set granular permission levels
  • Import and export XLS Forms Import via URL or upload from your computer


  • Online and Offline
  • On phones, tablets or any browser Using KoBo Collect on Android devices and Enketo on any modern browser
  • Synchronize data via SSL
  • Ensures data can’t be read by a third party
  • Strong safeguards against data loss Even on very long interviews
  • Data immediately available right after it’s collected
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